When it comes to smoking enthusiasts, a well-crafted bong can take the pleasure of smoking to a whole new level, offering smoother hits and an overall more enjoyable experience. But did you know that the world of bong accessories has even more to offer, allowing you to further elevate your smoking game? In this article, we’ll delve into some must-have bong accessories that can significantly enhance your smoking sessions.


Percolators, commonly known as “percs,” are an essential addition to any bong setup. These accessories effectively filter and cool the smoke, leading to smoother and less harsh hits. With various styles like tree percs, honeycomb percs, and showerhead percs, you can choose the one that best suits your preference. The small holes or slits in percolators create smaller bubbles, allowing the smoke to interact with water more efficiently and resulting in a cleaner and more enjoyable hit.

Ash Catchers

Maintaining a clean bong is essential, and ash catchers are the perfect solution for that. These handy attachments trap ash and debris before they enter the main chamber of the bong, keeping it cleaner for longer. Not only do they make cleaning easier, but they also help extend the lifespan of your bong. Some ash catchers come with additional percolators, adding an extra layer of filtration for an even smoother smoking experience.

Quartz Bangers

For those who enjoy dabbing, a quartz banger is a must-have accessory. Unlike traditional bong bowls, quartz bangers are designed specifically for use with concentrates. Their high heat resistance allows them to retain heat better than glass or metal, resulting in a more efficient dabbing experience. Paired with a carb cap, a quartz banger enables lower temperature dabbing, preserving the full flavor of your concentrate while reducing any harshness on your lungs.

Ice Catchers

When the weather is hot, ice catchers can be a game-changer for your smoking sessions. These simple yet effective accessories feature notches or indents in the bong’s neck where you can place ice cubes. As the smoke passes through the ice, it gets cooled down significantly, delivering a smoother and more refreshing hit. Ice catchers are especially enjoyable during scorching summer days.

Cleaning Solutions and Brushes

To maintain optimal performance and flavor, keeping your bong clean is essential. Invest in high-quality cleaning solutions and brushes specifically designed for bongs. Regular cleaning and maintenance will ensure that your smoking sessions remain fresh and enjoyable, and your bong’s longevity is maximized.

Bong accessories offer a wide range of options to enhance your smoking experience, from smoother hits to cleaner sessions. Percolators ensure excellent filtration, ash catchers keep your bong tidy, and quartz bangers take dabbing to a whole new level. Ice catchers add a refreshing touch to your hits, while regular cleaning ensures your bong remains in top-notch condition. By incorporating these must-have accessories into your smoking routine, you’ll discover a new level of enjoyment and appreciation for the art of smoking. Remember to choose high-quality accessories from reputable sources to ensure the best results and long-lasting satisfaction. Happy smoking!

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